Ignoring Things Does Not Help You

I went away to college, and I did not think about much of anything but how great it would be. I had a lucky life up to that point with no broken bones, no fractures and no major illnesses. So, when I walked into my dentist’s office complaining of excruciating pain, he sat me down and gave me an examination right then. He said I needed to go visit a nearby wisdom teeth surgeon immediately, or I would find myself with a raging infection that could land me in the hospital.

The same day that I was told where I needed to go, I ended up simply going home and doing nothing. I dosed up on some ibuprofen and I went to sleep. I wanted to run away from the fact that I needed work done. But what I caused for myself by doing that was even more pain. By the next day, I felt like I no longer wanted to walk. I wanted to crawl, or simply curl up from the pain. It was horrific. None of the painkillers I tried to take worked for me at all. I ended up in the emergency room to get help. They were the ones that I was going to land in the hospital in big trouble if I did not do the right thing with my teeth.

The next day, I showed up to talk to the oral surgeon. He understood how scared I was, and his tech employee told me that I had nothing to worry about. They give you something to help you sleep and they do the work. When they are done, you will wake up and can go home. They also give you a prescription that will help put a stop to any pain at all. All of this turned out to be very true for me.