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Enlightenment and skin bleaching are two different things


Enlightening further illustrate the health and vitality of the skin thoroughly, skin looks healthy, radiant, not dry and dull and bright look.

while BLEACHING more a matter of depigmentation pigments associated with the type of one’s skin color, by that we must be able to differentiate a product which one serves as a lightening / enlightenment and which serves as whitening / bleaching whitening products injection there are plenty of brands of products, content and the function of each – each, but if we can merge with the right, we will get the maximum results.

Lightening and whitening injection can make skin brighter, shinier and brighter. There are also an effective injection Placenta whiten the skin, and nourishes the skin to look younger, materials are classified as a food supplement belonging to a powerful antioxidant.
As a food supplement will not give any negative effect. This will make the skin can work up to encourage the regeneration and revitalization of the condition. A solution of anti-aging and skin regeneration in it is effective against the two types of premature aging is caused by genetic factors and external factors outside the body such as exposure to sun and pollution. Vitamins, cytokines, peptides and mineral co enzymes, anti-oxidants contained therein synergistically to help skin produce collagen and improve skin elasticity optimally.

HOW TO WORK FROM Lightening / whitening injection:

Treatment was shown to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase that make the pigment melanin (the cause of the skin becomes dark), so before more inhibited formed first with the best vitamin that new skin cells grow healthier. The skin becomes brighter, whiter color is translucent, luminous, and for maximum results, use a mixture of beautiful sparkling whites. With the additional care from the outside (including injection) results will be maximized.

But to get the skin completely white clear, luminous and sparkling beautiful, actually not quite with vitamin c, tationil, placenta, etc. should be added also to the care of the body from the outside using ingredients such high quality lotions that contain bleach, scrub bleach etc

There are some customers that have done injections of vitamin c + collagen / whitening injection did not feel significant changes as they expect? Why is that??

Caucasian adults generally have poor blood circulation. Now there is a revolutionary treatment based whitening injection of oxygen. Use active oxygen solution and the solution Skin regeneration. This treatment will foster and stimulate skin. These alloys can improve oxygen in the blood vessels so that the skin becomes more transparent luminous, pure oxygen and other materials used in this treatment will provide freshness as well as accelerate the process of skin whitening

This will make the skin can work up to encourage the regeneration and revitalization of the condition. A solution of anti-aging and skin regeneration in it is effective against the two types of premature aging is caused by genetic factors and factors outside the body external from such as exposure to sun and pollution

nah therefore results and the rapid reaction of the individual depends on the type masing2 individual skin and the level of darkness, there is a slow there quick, if you include the slow or dark then needed treatment oxy glow and cocktail right if you want to get the white skin shines not only a bright, inject able vitamin c + collagen only serves as a lightening or only used as a whitening maintenance after injection, but a lot of benefits that you get from just injecting vitamin c.

For those of you who intend to perform injections of vitamin C helps you know about the benefits of Vitamin C Injection and effects that follow the injection of vitamin c.

in order to obtain optimal results and effects as well as keeping of things that are going to hurt ourselves.

The following fact.
• Perform Injectable vitamin C provides high enough levels in the blood, but the amount will be absorbed into the various organs and only partially to the skin, so that its effectiveness can vary from person to person.

• To get the most out of the skin, acts injections of vitamin C is often used as adjunctive therapy of other skin treatments. As for the care and rejuvenation of the skin to keep it supple and smooth, until now that is capable of delivering maximum results is a topical therapy (therapy from the outside as well as the provision of a skin cream morning and night).

• Adequate need for vitamin C can be done with the direct consume fruits, injections, and supplements. All three have advantages and disadvantages of each. Through injections of vitamin C the body can obtain high doses directly into the blood. However, not all that high doses of vitamin C to be absorbed by the body. The rest will remain wasted through urine. In contrast, although the dose is not high, by consuming food or fruits rich in vitamin C, the body get the vitamins and other nutrients (such as vitamins E and A) to strengthen the work of vitamin C. Vitamin C supplementation is preferably given in combination with vitamins and other nutrients.

• Before you perform injections of vitamin C, you should make sure that the patient’s kidney and liver function is normal, and no history of allergy to the vitamin. Kidney and liver function is very influential on the absorption of vitamin C.

• Schedule Injectable vitamin C at a dose of 2-5 grams via intravenous (vein), can be done once a week or at longer intervals (depending on the doctor’s judgment). There is no specific benchmark, whether the package needs to be done or not, it will be the needs and indications.
The result of the injection of vitamin C will vary for each individual. Therapy should be discontinued if side effects appear or if the results are not significant enough. The effectiveness of therapy can be seen on the skin firmer, supple, and bright after getting this therapy within a certain time.

For individual results in the treatment of this whitening injection can be different even with the same product.
This can happen because many factors that influence it, either because the product is not good, the product is not suitable, unhealthy life patterns, often exposed to the sun, genetics etc.
Humans are not machines, medical science is not mathematics 1 + 1 = 2. It should be remembered

To get good results do not always need an expensive cost
But then this name is also spelled humanity expensiveness considering the price, there’s arguably false price, at bargain anyway anymore.

• Vitamin C is quite safe to be used by most people. If any, complaints that usually arise are diarrhea and bloating. Concerns that administration of high doses of vitamin C can cause kidney stones and was irrelevant because a lot of the scientific report. Treatment with vitamin C does not cause the formation of kidney stones. Even the provision of up to 10 grams per day did not show signs of kidney stone formation.
However, after an injection of high doses of vitamin C, a person is recommended to drink a lot. Please note, the presence of high doses of vitamin C in the body can interfere with the absorption of other nutrients, such as selenium (a mineral elements essential to the body), and copper (an enzyme important for the absorption of iron), so that the body also need to obtain additional supplements zat- the nutritional substances to cope.


Administration of drugs carried by infusion or by intravenous infusion therapy

Administration of drugs by injection either intravenously or IM

Actually there is no difference between them is only just a different way of administration is not much different infusion effectiveness dg injection is only a matter of administration are different. because obat2an in use together, the difference, if usually injected directly, is dissolved in a liquid infusion and administered in the form of drip / drip
but because of the same drug in use, the effectiveness of more or less the same

advantage infusion itself is safer in view of allergic reactions (if they occur in a particular person, although rarely)


1. Injection Oxy skin lightening plus:

makes the skin look fresher, brighter and radiant. Lightening formula containing powerful double anti oxidant, collagen and skin fasteners and some minerals the body needs is also efficacious as a free-radical scavengers and brighten dull skin significantly


brighten again at once whitens skin color. results ivory white skin, brighten the whole body and makes it clear luminous. Those advantages are not just taking care of AESTHETIC but also include the content of the master anti-oxidant Plus that works to stimulate the body condition more healthy and fresh as well as slowing the aging.


For the benar2 white skin (like japanese people) use this therapy in 2 weeks … These injections are not just regular injections. Live cells were mixed with whitening agents, bilobine G, glutamide acid, glycine, and cysteine ​​and basic vitamins A, C, E and selenium contained in it is very good for heart health, brain and blood vessels. Works by blocking the spread of melanocytes that causes depigmentation problems, and create new skin cells grow fresh white and sparkling .

In short this injection is also a progressive pro-active action to a white appearance is really white and sparkling.

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